The Linus Tech Tips Incident: A Harsh Reminder


Linus Tech TipsThe Linus Tech Tips Incident: A Harsh Reminder of Vulnerabilities

The recent security breach experienced by Linus Tech Tips, a popular technology YouTube channel, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of having a robust permissions system in place for companies and individuals.

In this article, we will discuss how applications should provide options for customizable permissions per user, as well as an option to clear all sessions, effectively logging out everyone and invalidating all session and 2FA tokens.

These measures could have made a significant difference in the Linus Tech Tips incident.

The Linus Tech Tips Incident: A Case Study

To provide context, Linus Tech Tips recently experienced a security breach, whereby their YouTube account was hacked, renamed, and used to stream fraudulent content. Although the team at Linus Tech Tips was careful with their use of strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, they fell prey to an attack that exploited session tokens.

The hijacking exposed a few shortcomings in YouTube’s permissions and session management systems. For example, critical channel attributes like the channel name could be modified without the need to re-enter a password or 2FA code. Furthermore, there was no straightforward way to reset access control and invalidate all sessions, leading the team to scramble to regain control of their accounts.

The Importance of Customizable Permissions

To minimize the risk of security breaches, applications should offer customizable permissions per user to companies and individuals. This means that specific users would only have access to the necessary information and actions required for their role, thus reducing the potential damage from compromised accounts.

For example, a video editor may not require access to account settings or the ability to live stream, while an administrator might need more control. By implementing granular permissions, companies can reduce the attack surface and minimize the potential for unauthorized access to critical assets.

Session Management and the Clear All Sessions Button

One crucial feature that could have significantly assisted Linus Tech Tips during the hijacking is a “Clear All Sessions” button. This option would log out all users, invalidate all session and 2FA tokens, and force everyone to re-authenticate. In the case of Linus Tech Tips, this would have terminated the attacker’s access to the channel instantly.

By including a “Clear All Sessions” feature in applications, companies can have an effective “panic button” to use in the event of a security breach. This would enable them to regain control of their accounts and minimize potential damage promptly.

Addressing Phishing Concerns

Phishing remains one of the most common attack vectors for hackers seeking unauthorized access to accounts. In the Linus Tech Tips incident, the breach occurred after a team member unwittingly downloaded malware disguised as a sponsorship offer. To combat phishing, it is crucial to educate employees on the dangers of phishing attacks and how to identify suspicious emails and attachments. We will delve into an in-depth article about phishing, so please follow us on LinkedIn.


The Linus Tech Tips YouTube hijacking highlights the importance of having robust permissions systems and session management features in applications. By providing customizable permissions and a “Clear All Sessions” option, companies can better safeguard their assets and minimize the potential damage caused by security breaches. Furthermore, educating employees on the risks of phishing attacks and the importance of vigilance when interacting with emails and attachments is a critical component of overall cybersecurity.


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