Best Digital Audio Workstation Available for Linux

Best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Available for Linux A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) lets you record, mix, and make music. For commercial usage, there are several mainstream options to consider, which are often regarded as industry-standard. Full-fledged music DAWs like

9 Best Open Source Gantt Chart Tools For Linux

Gantt chart is the simplest way to assign resources, manage timelines, and visualize dependencies. It helps you to avoid confusion and cut unproductive events.  With a glance, you can have all activities, allocated assets, and the scheduled dates of each. 

13 Best Dark GTK Themes for Your Linux Desktop

With the near infinite customization options you have on any given Linux distribution, the most visually noticeable difference is customizing the theme. Let’s take a look at some of the GTK themes with dark mode. Yeah, we have covered the

Best Open Source Word Processors for Linux

Jokes apart, Microsoft Office is tough to replace. You can use Microsoft Office 365 in a web browser on Linux but that needs a subscription and may not provide an ideal experience. So, I’m here with a list of the

Top 7 Best Rolling Release Linux Distributions

There are so many Linux distributions that can be divided into different categories based on their characteristics, features, intended user base and more. In this article, I’ll list some of the best rolling release Linux distributions. Do you know what

Open Source Video Converters for Linux [GUI and CLI]

Video downloads are fun until they become unplayable. So, here’s the list of top open-source video converters to help your downloads stay relevant everywhere. Video conversion is not the best thing you want to do with a video, but it

10 Open Source Lightweight Web Browsers for Linux

There are plenty of web browsers available for Linux. A lot of them are based on Chromium but we also have a list of browsers that are not based on Chromium. Recently, a reader asked for a lightweight web browsers

Easily Use Linux Terminal on Android With These Apps

Want to practice Linux commands? You don’t need to install a full-fledge distribution for that. There are plenty of websites that let you use Linux terminal online. Those websites work well on the desktop but not on the mobile devices.

14 Best Systemd-Free Linux Distributions

systemd is a popular init system adopted by most of the major Linux distributions backed by dozens of developers and companies. In case you’re curious, the init system is the first process after the Linux Kernel comes into action in

10 Reasons to Run Linux in Virtual Machines

You can run any operating system as a virtual machine to test things out or for a particular use case. When it comes to Linux, it is usually a better performer as a virtual machine when compared to other operating

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