Chocolate Factory TryHackMe Writeup | By Xploit Ayush | by Xploit Ayush | Jan, 2023

A Charlie And The Chocolate Factory themed room, revisit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! Welcome to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! tryhackme This room was designed so that hackers can revisit the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and meet Oompa Loompa This is

I tried to squiz the best from the most bizzar CVE I ever seen (CVE-2021–38759) | by LeoX | Jan, 2023

I was quite surprised to come across this funny CVE, as it was the most bizarre one I had seen so far. This particular CVE was related to Raspberry Pi and the author used default credentials of raspberry OS (user:

Clipboard Hijacking 😈. What it is, how to do it, and how to… | by Martin Thoma | Jan, 2023

What it is, how to do it, and how to prevent it Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash We regularly copy and paste stuff. Sometimes, the copied characters contain important information such as bank numbers or crypto wallet addresses. Attackers

Basic SSTI — Server-Side Template Injection | 2023 | by Karthikeyan Nagaraj | Jan, 2023

Portswigger — Basic server-side template injection Solution | Karthikeyan Nagaraj What is SSTI? Server-side template injection is a vulnerability where the attacker injects malicious input into a template to execute commands on the server-side This vulnerability occurs when invalid user

HTTP Request Smuggling — Basic CL.TE vulnerability

Portswigger HTTP Request Smuggling Solution | Karthikeyan Nagaraj What is HTTP Smuggling? HTTP request smuggling is a technique for interfering with the way a website processes sequences of HTTP requests that are received from one or more users. Request smuggling

Things You Should Know : Wireless Hacking Basics

This is the first post in a new series of posts that don’t involve any real hacking (and hence don’t require that you have Kali installed on your system), but instead explain concepts in an interesting way (at least I

Things You Should Know : Wireless Hacking Intermediate

In the previous post in the ‘things you should know’ series I discussed Wireless Hacking basics. It’s recommended that you go through it before starting this tutorial. Pre-requisites You should know (all this is covered in Wireless Hacking basics)- What

Metasploit and Metasploitable 2 installation

In this new Metasploit tutorial we will be installing and configuring Metasploit on Kali Linux and the Metasploitable 2 virtual machine on VMware Player. Metasploit is one of the most popular and top rated penetration testing tools on the market and

Top 5 Websites to Master Hacking With Kali Linux : For Beginners

Despite writing so many tutorials on hacking with Kali Linux, I often get stuck and have to consult other resources. My blog has a lot of things but since I myself don’t know everything, there’s no way I can provide

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