Top 7 Open Source Plotting Tools [For Maths and Stats]

Top 7 Open Source Plotting Tools We live in a world where almost everything we have generates data. Data can be analyzed and visualized thanks to tools that create graphs showing the relation between variables. These tools are famously called

9 Best Open Source Gantt Chart Tools For Linux

Gantt chart is the simplest way to assign resources, manage timelines, and visualize dependencies. It helps you to avoid confusion and cut unproductive events.  With a glance, you can have all activities, allocated assets, and the scheduled dates of each. 

Best Open Source Word Processors for Linux

Jokes apart, Microsoft Office is tough to replace. You can use Microsoft Office 365 in a web browser on Linux but that needs a subscription and may not provide an ideal experience. So, I’m here with a list of the

9 Open Source Add-Ons to Improve Your Mozilla Firefox Experience

Mozilla Firefox is easily one of the most popular open-source web browsers among Linux users. In fact, it is one of the best web browsers available for Linux. But, what about its add-ons (or extensions)? Considering that you prefer open-source

Open Source Video Converters for Linux [GUI and CLI]

Video downloads are fun until they become unplayable. So, here’s the list of top open-source video converters to help your downloads stay relevant everywhere. Video conversion is not the best thing you want to do with a video, but it

10 Open Source Lightweight Web Browsers for Linux

There are plenty of web browsers available for Linux. A lot of them are based on Chromium but we also have a list of browsers that are not based on Chromium. Recently, a reader asked for a lightweight web browsers

7 Best Open Source Library Management Software

Sometimes managing a digital library gives you peace of mind as you do not need to make many efforts to maintain it. Usually, easy to organize, and can be backed up as well. When it comes to managing the library,

OFRAK – Open Firmware Reverse Analysis Console

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2022) Red Balloon Security developed and launches OFRAK at DefCon in Las Vegas. OFRAK (Open Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole) is a binary analysis and modification platform that combines the ability unpack, analyze, modify, and repack

14 Best Open Source WYSIWYG HTML Editors

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors are self-explanatory. Whatever you see when editing is what you, a reader/user see. Whether you want to build your content management system, or aim to provide an editor to the end-user

7 Best Open Source Web-based Email Clients

Email services are here to stay, even if decentralized tech takes over the internet. However, with big tech trying to control everything new aspect of emerging technologies, how can you take charge of your email service? Whether a business/enterprise or

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