My first Hall Of Fame with a chained Broken Access Control | by Naman Jain | Feb, 2023

This blog is about how I got my first HOF after chaining multiple bugs. Let’s get started. In simple words, BAC means you are able to perform certain actions or fetch certain files which you are not authorized to. Let’s

Don’t Give Up On XSS! | Fun Firefox XSS | by Fırat | Feb, 2023

There’s always a way to exploit xss in different contexts I got an invite from a private program on hackerone and started searching for some vulnerabilites. After a while of searching, i found an url that had some interesting parameters.

All About Attacking JWT. JWT: The Weak Link in Your Security… | by Xcheater | Jan, 2023

Hello Hackers, I Hope you guys are doing well and hunting lots of bugs and Dollars ! Our today’s agenda is very concerning and trending topics that are related to attack vectors on JSON Web Token ( JWT ). let’s

Easy XSSHunter Automation Setup Script | Adam J Sturge

Recently XSSHunter.com decided to stop signups and soon stopping it’s services. You’ll need to host your own version of XSSHunter. I wrote an article about my fork of XSSHunter Express. Since making that article I wanted to make the process

Easy XSSHunter Discord Alerts | Adam Sturge

This will be a setup guide for XSSHunter and integrating it with Discord Alerts. This will be very similar to my other article but with more details XSSHunter Discord Alert The first step is to download the Github script. curl

Basic SSTI — Server-Side Template Injection | 2023 | by Karthikeyan Nagaraj | Jan, 2023

Portswigger — Basic server-side template injection Solution | Karthikeyan Nagaraj What is SSTI? Server-side template injection is a vulnerability where the attacker injects malicious input into a template to execute commands on the server-side This vulnerability occurs when invalid user

From Failure to Success: My Experience with the HTB CBBH | by hac# | Jan, 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Hac and in this post, I will be sharing my experience with the HTB CBBH exam, which is a practical web application pentesting exam. I will be discussing my preparation, the exam format, and my

HTTP Request Smuggling — Basic CL.TE vulnerability

Portswigger HTTP Request Smuggling Solution | Karthikeyan Nagaraj What is HTTP Smuggling? HTTP request smuggling is a technique for interfering with the way a website processes sequences of HTTP requests that are received from one or more users. Request smuggling

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