GraphCrawler – GraphQL Automated Testing Toolkit

GraphCrawler - GraphQL Automated Testing Toolkit
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2022)

GraphQL Version 1.2 – An automated testing toolkit.

Graph Crawler is the most powerful automated testing toolkit for any GraphQL endpoint.

What’s NEW GraphCrawler:

You can search for endpoints for you using Escape Technology’s powerful Graphinder tool. Just point it towards a domain and add the ‘-e’ option and Graphinder will do subdomain enumeration + search popular directories for GraphQL endpoints.

After all this GraphCrawler will take over and work through each find. If the schema can not be introspected, you can supply it as a json file with the ‘-s’ option.

It will run through and check if mutation is enabled, check for any sensitive queries available, such as users and files, and it will also test any easy queries it find to see if authentication is required.

If introspection is not enabled on the endpoint it will check if it is an Apollo Server and then can run Clairvoyance to brute force and grab the suggestions to try to build the schema ourselves. (See the Clairvoyance project for greater details on this). It will then score the findings 1-10 with 10 being the most critical.

If you want to dig deeper into the schema you can also use graphql-path-enum to look for paths to certain types, like user IDs, emails, etc.

I hope this saves you as much time as it has for me.


python -u -o <fileName> -a "<headers>"

output option is not required and by default it will output to schema.json

Example output:


  • Python3
  • Docker
  • Install all Python dependencies with pip
  • Wordlist from google-10000-english


  • Add option for “full report” following the endpoint search where it will run clairvoyance and all other aspects of the toolkit on the endpoints found
  • Default to “simple scan” to just find endpoints when this feature is added
  • Way Future: help craft queries based of the shema provided

Download GraphCrawler Automated Testing


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