Terminal Tools and Tricks

Don’t Be Afraid of Linux Terminal. Embrace it.

Most of our focus goes into avoiding the Linux terminal, at least, for new users comfortable with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). While it is good to make things easy and convenient, there are a few reasons why you should not

Deprecated Linux Commands You Should Not Use Anymore (And Their Alternatives)

Believe it or not, you might be using a deprecated Linux command. Or at least try to use it. It’s not really your fault. You are either habitual of using those commands or learned them through old, obsolete tutorials on

10 Destructive Linux Commands You Should Never Run

What are the most dangerous Linux commands? I have been asked this question numerous times and I have avoided answering that because there is no definite list of dangerous Linux commands. You have the tools that enable you to control

31 Linux Commands Every Ubuntu User Should Know

What are the essential Ubuntu commands? I have been asked this question several times by regular readers, and I have tried to avoid answering it. Why? Don’t I know Ubuntu commands? Nope. That’s not the reason. It is because it

5 htop Alternatives to Monitor Your Linux System

htop is a popular command-line tool to help monitor the system’s resources and performance on Linux. It’s better than top, often available by default out of the box. With htop, you can filter and sort processes to understand things better,

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