31 Linux Commands Every Ubuntu User Should Know

31 Linux Commands Every Ubuntu User Should Know

What are the essential Ubuntu commands?

I have been asked this question several times by regular readers, and I have tried to avoid answering it.

Why? Don’t I know Ubuntu commands? Nope. That’s not the reason. It is because it is difficult to categorize them. What’s essential to me may not be essential to you.

But I guess that applies to everything and every such list of recommended applications on our portal.

That’s why I finally gave in and created this list of basic yet essential Linux commands that should be helpful to you as a Ubuntu user. This is more focused on desktop Ubuntu users, but if you use Ubuntu as a server, they should also help you. Debian and other Linux distribution users should also find it useful.

Essential Ubuntu Commands

Every command I list here has multiple options and several uses. If I try giving even the most common examples of each command, it will easily turn into a pocketbook of more than 10,000 words.

I will not go into detail with any of these commands. I’ll list the purpose of each command with its basic syntax. You can read more about using these commands from their linked tutorials.

Recommended reading before you start following the list:

Another thing. I have used the term folder here more than the directory.

A folder is called a directory in Linux, and puritans may not like this. However, I believe it is easier to grasp for beginners.


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