19 Exciting New Features in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Brief: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ‘Jammy Jellyfish’ is available now. This article lists all the main features of this new release. Ubuntu fans! It’s time to get excited about the next big release which is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Yes. It is

22 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish

Here is a list of simple tweaks and things to do after installing Ubuntu 22.04, to get a smoother and better experience. I presume that you are absolutely new to Ubuntu while sharing these tips. If you are an existing

For the Love of Ubuntu: Here are the Mascots of All Ubuntu Releases

This is a collection of the mascots of all the Ubuntu releases so far. You may have noticed that every Ubuntu release has a version name and codename. The codename is composed of two words that start with the same

Better than Ubuntu? 11 Best Linux Distros for Ubuntu Lovers

If you’re on your journey of finding that perfect distro for your system, the chances of ending up with Ubuntu-based distros are pretty high. You may ask why. Well, it is no surprise that Ubuntu is one of the most

31 Linux Commands Every Ubuntu User Should Know

What are the essential Ubuntu commands? I have been asked this question several times by regular readers, and I have tried to avoid answering it. Why? Don’t I know Ubuntu commands? Nope. That’s not the reason. It is because it

Best Python IDEs for Ubuntu and Other Linux Distros

Whether a coder or not, you must have heard about Python Programming language in some capacity. Python is used extensively in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, some of the most popular buzzwords in computing. Being a popular programming language, you

Compiling Linux Kernel (on Ubuntu)

This guide may not exactly be relevant to this blog, but as an exercise in getting familiar with Linux, I’ll post it anyways. Here are a few disclaimers- Don’t follow this guide for compiling linux kernel, there are much better

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