Antivirus Evasion : Bypassing AV with Veil

In real life pentesting scenarios, the antivirus is an added layer of security, which we have conveniently ignored so far. However, in this tutorial we will see how we can encrypt the payload and make it harder for the AV(antivirus)

Use Python To Detect And Bypass Web Application Firewall

Web application firewalls are usually placed in front of the web server to filter the malicious traffic coming towards server. If you are hired as a penetration tester for some company and they forgot to tell you that they are

Bypassing website blocking/censorship with Secure DNS and Encrypted SNI (cloudflare only)

I haven’t posted in a while, but today I have something interesting to share. Recently, multiple service providers that I use have started blocking some websites using deep packet inspection firewalls. Earlier, these firewalls would only block traffic by examining

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