What is an International Asset Investigation?

international hidden asset investigations

What is an International Asset Investigation?

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An International Asset Investigation is conducted to locate assets associated with a person outside the country in which the Client resides. Asset investigations in support of divorce cases, due diligence investigations, personal injury judgments, child support collection, and many other reasons. Depending on the type of case a client might have, an asset investigation can be performed pre-litigation, after a judgment is in place, before, during, or after a divorce.

Depending on the country you need assistance in, we can locate things like bank accounts, property, vehicles, and business registrations. The most common reason is to locate bank accounts internationally.

Discreet Services specializes in International Asset Investigations and can provide this service to businesses, investors, law firms, Investigation Firms, and individuals.

It is important to hire a company with extensive experience as well as a large network of resources all across the Globe. We have been conducting asset investigations for over a decade and as members of the World Association of Detectives and the Council of International Investigators, we have developed the proper relationships and resources to conduct professional asset investigations all over the world.

An international asset investigation is a process of identifying, locating, and analyzing assets that are held outside of a person or organization’s home country. This type of investigation is often used in the context of legal proceedings, such as divorce or bankruptcy cases, as well as in corporate investigations, where companies may be looking to locate assets that have been hidden or transferred in an effort to avoid liability or debt.

There are many benefits to conducting an international asset investigation. One of the most obvious is that it can help to uncover assets that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to locate. This can be especially useful in cases where a person or organization has attempted to hide assets in order to avoid paying debts or other obligations.

Another benefit of an international asset investigation is that it can provide valuable information for legal proceedings. For example, in a divorce case, an investigation may reveal that one spouse has transferred assets to another country in an effort to avoid dividing them with their partner. In this case, the investigation would provide evidence that can be used to ensure that the assets are divided fairly.

In addition to legal proceedings, international asset investigations can also be useful in corporate investigations. They can help to identify assets that have been transferred or hidden in an effort to avoid liability or debt. This information can be used to help recover assets or to pursue legal action against those who are responsible.

Overall, international asset investigations can be an invaluable tool for uncovering hidden assets and providing valuable information for legal proceedings and corporate investigations. They can help to ensure that assets are divided fairly and that those who are responsible for hiding or transferring assets are held accountable.

If you need an Asset Investigation anywhere in the world, submit a free consultation for more information.


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