Validus Review: Is Validus Legit or Scam?

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Validus Review


This is a review of Validus, a fraudulent trading education website registered under the URL claims to offer fee-based trading courses that help individuals make better decisions in the financial markets and advance their careers.

Validus claims to be located worldwide, its customer service department supports all languages. They provide educational videos and cover the topics of Forex trading and its advantages. However, from our close inspection, we have noted that it deceives consumers and then steals from them.

It’s a requirement for all financial service providers to be regulated, but Validus does not provide any information about its regulation status. They have provided Shariah compliance certification from Global Islamic Financial Services (GIFS). This is misleading, and irrelevant, and cannot justify that they are legit.

Furthermore, the New Zealand regulator Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has issued a warning notice, cautioning its citizens to avoid dealing with Validus. That is there is a real risk of investor harm arising from the activities of Validus and its associated persons, which appear to be dishonest and misleading.

In a nutshell, Validus is not a regulated financial service provided. It is a fraudulent scam site that will lead to financial loss. In case they have stolen your money we have a solution for how to recover it. File an official chargeback complaint by filling out the attached form and we will contact you with tips on how to recover your funds.

Let’s elaborate further on why Validus is a scam but not a legit site.

Validus Review: unregulated dishonest site to avoid

All legit financial services providers must provide clear detailed information about their owners and regulations status. According to their address 123 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10160, United States. This means its operations are based in the USA.

However, we have checked with the USA regulator SEC and confirmed that there is no company by the name of Validus regulated to offer services. Further, every financial service provider must be a member of the NFA. Also, we have checked and Validus does not exist on their registers.

The truth of all matters is that Validus lies that is offering training to consumers who can earn money with the purchase of a package that they will buy. But those who have bought these packages with their money end up losing them.

This proves that Validus is involved in scamming innocent inexperienced traders by pretending to offer them training. That’s why it’s conducting its marketing using training seminars. Whenever you join and start to trade they have elaborate measures to steal your funds.

Your money is not safe with Validus

It’s never safe to trade with unregulated scam entities like Validus. Actually, many scam activists are carried out with such unregulated scam entities. They do not follow laid down rules and regulations.

These scam sites usually do massive marketing through training just to lure naive investors into believing in making money from forex trading.

They offer an attractive site and detailed training on how to trade in forex markets. However, whenever you start trading with them they manipulate the process leading to massive losses.

On many occasions, this scam sites like Validus offer trading in a stimulated in-house site. This makes them steal from unsuspecting consumers easily and freely

In all their trading sites they do not channel trades with the normal global exchange market. This means your trades will not be treated fairly. Their aim is not to deceive you and then steal using tricks that result in not accessing your money once invested.

The fact is it will never be safe to trade with unregulated scam entries, Furthermore, it is difficult to recover your funds from such companies unless you follow the below guidelines.

How to recover funds lost Validus Scams

Any moment you initiate a withdrawal of your funds with or without profits it will be delayed. However, it’s important to request a withdrawal of your funds. This will be used as evidence of not allowing you to access your funds.

At this stage, most consumers tend either to give up or panic once they have realized that they have been scammed. Our guidance however is to file an official complaint and we will guide you on how you can get back your funds.

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Even if you insist to withdraw your funds you will never be paid. Moreover, it becomes frustrating and annoying to deal with them. That is why you need our money recovery services. We know how scammers work and work with enforcement offices to recover your funds.

Conclusion on Validus Review

Scammers can go to extra lengths just to convince and lure consumers into believing that they are legit. They have become more persuasive and can offer unimaginable promises.

Validus seems to use the strategy of offering training services. But that is just bait used to attract you, once you deposit funds it’s a done deal. Unless you are aware of this company.

It is wise to avoid trading with unregulated scam entities like TradePrimeFx and they will con you. In case you are a victim contact Y3llowl4bs and you will get back your funds.


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