Safe Crypto World Review: Suspected Scam Broker Scammed?

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Safe Crypto World Review

Safe Crypto World

In this review of Safe Crypto World (, we will let you know why it’s a scam website to avoid. This broker offers a web trading platform that deals with forex, stocks, commodities, digital currency, and securities.

In addition, they offer five investment accounts; silver, gold, VIP, private wealth, and black diamond wealth accounts. Safe Crypto World claims to be an established industry leader working with millions of traders from more than 129+ countries worldwide.

However, from our close inspection, we have noted clear signs that this is an unregulated anonymous scam company ready to steal from investors. They only provide misleading and irrelevant information about themselves.

Safe Crypto World is ironically not safe at all. This seems to be a scam entity taking advantage of internet anonymity. We can’t know the real owners, regulation status, and their jurisdiction is a mystery.

Once you deposit money into their accounts, it’s a done deal. If lost money to these scammers, register your case on the form below. We will contact you and give you tips to recover your funds.

Continue reading so that you may understand clearly why ist a scam and recover money lost to them.

Safe Crypto World Review: unregulated dishonest scam site

All legitimate trading platforms usually provide information about their regulation. However, Safe Crypto World does not. Only unnecessary false and misleading information is available.

This broker has provided a UK address (25 Cabot Square, London E14 4QZ, United Kingdom). Meaning they are targeting the UK market. But the UK regulator FCA is not aware of this company.

In fact, on checking their terms and conditions, we have noticed that they claim to be under the rules of Estonia and St Vincent and Graredies government. Unfortunately, the regulating body in this region is not aware of them.

Furthermore, their allegations of providing services worldwide have been hit by set back. The Canadian regulator has issued a notice informing consumers to avoid dealing with this scam company.

The reason is obvious, Safe Crypto world is operating illegally without any authorization or regulation. The chances of losing money to such unregulated entities are very high. In any case, they operate with impunity meaning they can easily steal and disappear with your funds.

Why is Safe Crypto Wold a scam but not a legit broker

They are several key indicators that confirm that this is a scammer website.

First, we have provided evidence that they are not regulated and we are not aware of the owners. Furthermore, they have been added to the list of fraudulent companies that can lead to financial losses.

Second, it’s an offshore registered firm targeting consumers worldwide. They are aware of no strict regulating body in those jurisdictions.

The regulator does not supervise or monitor brokerage firms. This has allowed many scammer brokerage firms to prefer to operate from there. Safe Crypto Wold also seems to be among the many offshore scam brokers.

Third, their accounts do not meet the regulatory requirements, with false promises of earning profits in an unrealistic short period. Their leverages are beyond acceptable market levels.

Furthermore, they operate web-based stimulated sites. Where they control all your invested funds. It’s not possible to make any profits from bogus fake scam sites like Safe Crypto World.

Lastly, they have been exposed to an increase in negative reviews and feedback from consumers who have lost money to them. Eventually, they will close down and disappear with clients’ funds.

Your funds are not safe with Safe Crypto World.

In most cases, this unregulated broker will delay paying you. Even if you insist, they will give you fake excuses and eventually not pay any amount with or without profits. If they delay for more than six months your money will be unreversible.

That is why we advise you to urgently request to withdraw your funds before it’s too late. However, since we are aware that they will not pay. Our emphasis is that you contact these recovery experts who will guide you on how to recover your funds

They will offer free tips on how to file a chargeback against these scammers’ accounts. Furthermore, they will follow it up for you until you successfully recover your funds.

Reach out to them now register your case and for a quick response use Y3llowl4bs available 24/7. It’s a guarantee you will recover your funds as long you contact them as soon as possible.

Conclusion on Safe Crypto World

In recent times we have seen an increase in online scam sites. Most of these sites are never regulated and usually take advantage of the greed and ignorance of consumers.

Safe Crypto World is one of them. As a prudent investor never be cheated to invest with them even if they offer attractive rates.

The chances of losing to them are 100%, if you have lost be wise and fight to recover your funds. It’s easy and free to get guidance on how to get back your funds.


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