EZ Markets Review: EZ Markets.io Scam

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EZ Markets is a fraudulent unregulated platform that operates under the URL https://www.ezmarkets.io/.Its website is newly registered in 2022 and it can’t offer any profitable investment environment.

This broker pretends to be offering legitimate trading and investment services without any regulation. According to their marketing material they falsely claim to be endorsed by high-profile foreign and new Zealand individuals.

EZ Markets has caught the attention of the New Zealand regulator Financial Market Authority (FMA) for targeting its citizens without their authorization.

Furthermore, the regulator (FMA) has issued a notice notifying its consumers to avoid dealing with EZ Markets. Perhaps, because of its deceptive nature of claiming to be endorsed when it’s not.

This means that consumers are likely to lose funds to such scam brokers who lie about themselves. If you are a victim of its scams and looking for ways to recover your funds, we can guide the recovery of your funds. Contact our money investigation and recovery services.

Is EZ Markets Legit or Scam?

EZ Market is not regulated by any regulating body and it does not care to reveal its correct ownership. Meaning that it is operating illegally without any authorization.

Usually, legitimate brokers provide clear correct, and detailed information about their operation. However, when a broker lies about its activities, then its means it is involved in scamming activities.

Furthermore, EZ Markets does not comply with any laid down rules and procedures. Its operations are only aimed at how to lure more consumers into believing that they are legit.

On most occasions, any consumers who attempt to invest with them are likely to be scammed. They use a web trader platform but not the recommended industry meta trader.

EZ Market does not channel its trades through the normal global exchange markets. But prefer to use an in-house-based stimulated site.

This is why they can manipulate leverages and rates to their advantage and defraud consumers. Consumers who might defeat them are never able to withdraw funding.

They elaborate measures to attract deposit money and block you from accessing your funds.

What to do once Scammed by EZ Markets?

Luckily if you are a victim of EZ Markets scams we are ready to offer you a solution to your problem. You are required to request for withdrawal of your funds.

In most cases, they will delay or block you from accessing your funds. This is the point your need to start to file an official chargeback against the accounts.

Our emphasis is to contact a well-known recovery firm Y3llowl4bs. That will guide you, on how to file a chargeback. They will offer guidance until you recover all your funds.

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Conclusion on EZ Markets Review

It does not matter how convincing EZ Markers are we have noticed that they lie about themselves. Furthermore, already the FMA has issued a notice warning consumers.

EZ Markets is a scam website that will lure you into depositings but soon it will disappear with your funds. Contact our recovery experts before it’s too late if you are a victim.


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