Network Penetration Testing Services: What, Why, and How Often?

Network Penetration Testing Services: What, Why, and How Often?
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)

Your business’s security is of utmost importance. Almost every business today relies on a network to function. Whether a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN), these networks are essential for communication and data sharing between employees, customers, and suppliers.

As a result, companies must safeguard their networks from uninvited access and usage. One way to ensure your business is safe from cyberattacks is to perform network penetration testing services regularly.

In this blog post, we will discuss network penetration testing services, why they are important, and how often they should be carried out. We will also explain the steps involved in network penetration testing services and provide information on some top network penetration testing services.

What Are Network Penetration Testing Services?

Penetration testing services are utilized to assess the security of a network by simulating an assault. During a network penetration test, ethical hackers (also known as white hat hackers) attempt to gain access to a system or network the same way a malicious hacker (or black hat hacker) would.

The goal of network penetration testing is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system so that they can be fixed before an actual attacker has a chance to exploit them. By conducting regular network penetration tests, businesses can ensure that their networks are secure and protected against cyberattacks.

Why Are Network Penetration Testing Services Important?

There are many reasons why network penetration testing services are important. Initially, it’s important to remember that no security system is completely secure. Even the most well-protected networks can be vulnerable to attack if the right tools and techniques are used. By carrying out regular network penetration tests, businesses can identify any weaknesses in their system before an attacker do.

Another reason why network penetration testing services are important is that they help to improve the overall security of a network. Businesses can use DevOps to detect and repair security flaws, making it more difficult for attackers to get access to their systems. This can help to deter would-be attackers and protect businesses from cyberattacks.

Finally, network penetration testing services can help businesses comply with industry regulations and standards. In many industries, it is now required to carry out regular penetration tests on networks to ensure that they are secure.

How Often Should Network Penetration Testing Services Be Carried Out?

The frequency of network penetration testing services will depend on many factors, including the size and complexity of the network, the sensitivity of the data stored on the network, and the level of security required. In general, it is advised that businesses do penetration testing at least once a year. On the other hand, these checks might need to be done more frequently in some situations. For example, if there have been significant changes to the network or if there is reason to believe that the network may be vulnerable to attack.

What Are The Steps Involved In Network Penetration Testing Services?

Network penetration testing services entail numerous stages.

  • First, ethical hackers will carry out research on the target system or network. This research will help to identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • After the study is completed, cyber attackers will attempt to gain access to the system or network. If they are successful, they will look for flaws to exploit them.
  • Finally, once the test is complete, the ethical hackers will provide a report detailing their findings and recommending any changes that should be made to improve security.

Top Tools For Network Penetration Testing Services Providers And Their Features

Some of the top providers include:

  • Astra’s Pentest: This tool provides a range of features, including the ability to test for a wide range of vulnerabilities, support for multiple platforms, and detailed reporting.
  • Imperva: Imperva offers a number of different network penetration testing services, including web application testing, database testing, and network infrastructure testing. They work with firms to identify and fix any weaknesses in their technologies.
  • Rapidfire Tools: Rapidfire Tools is a major supplier of network security solutions. They provide a variety of services, including network penetration testing, vulnerability management, and compliance reporting, to assist organizations in protecting their networks from cyberattacks. Their services are intended to help companies secure their networks against attacks.
  • WhiteHat Security: They offer a range of services, including web application assessments, code reviews, and penetration tests. Their services are designed to help businesses.

Final Thoughts

Penetration testing can aid organizations in enhancing their network security. By identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, businesses can deter would-be attackers and protect businesses from cyberattacks. In addition, network penetration testing services can also help businesses to comply with industry regulations and standards.

Security consultants, for example, provide a range of services to help businesses strengthen their network security. In addition, they also provide a number of tools and resources that businesses can use to carry out these tests. So check them out today and find your network penetration testing partner!


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