Easy XSSHunter Automation Setup Script | Adam J Sturge

Recently decided to stop signups and soon stopping it’s services. You’ll need to host your own version of XSSHunter. I wrote an article about my fork of XSSHunter Express. Since making that article I wanted to make the process

Easy XSSHunter Discord Alerts | Adam Sturge

This will be a setup guide for XSSHunter and integrating it with Discord Alerts. This will be very similar to my other article but with more details XSSHunter Discord Alert The first step is to download the Github script. curl

Breaking into Cybersecurity as a Developer | by Adam J Sturge | Jan, 2023

I just finished my first year working as security engineer and wanted to give a recap of all the things I did to get into my current role. Breaking into any industry is a mixture of luck and preparation. Photo

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